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"Soul for days" - Pop Break

As the frontman and songwriter for the band Mingo Fishtrap, Roger Blevins Jr. has shared his songs with music lovers across the globe. Championing the cause for soulful Americana, he has soaked up the flavors, stories and landscapes of the group’s travels. A Mississippi native who has settled in Texas, Blevins comes by music honestly, following in the footsteps of his Louisiana bassist father and a grandmother who taught him hymns sitting side by side on the organ bench. After attending the University of North Texas’ pretigious College of Music and forming Mingo Fishtrap in a cramped campus dorm room, it wasn’t long before Austin became home base and the band was out on the road. Mingo’s critically-acclaimed release, On Time, landed them on the Americana charts as one of the 100 most played albums of the year.  “[Blevins] evokes all the great soul shouters but replicates none of them and, like the old masters, knows how to lift a good melody, not overtake it.” (Something Else)


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